Colin focuses on people and is committed to ensuring his messages are clear. I have seen him in different environments. With people from grassroots deaf organisations, Colin is deeply committed to the empowerment of deaf people. This is shown in the way he leads advocacy work on human rights. He is also comfortable sitting at the same table with the United Nations and government representatives. Colin has a range of skills and extensive experience that are assets for training, projects and other assignments.

Greetings everyone, my name is Hend Al Showaier, Regional Director, WFD Regional Secretariat for the Arab Region Regional Director. I first met Colin in 2008 when we worked together on the WFD Global Survey for developing countries and we have continued to work together since that time. I applaud Colin for all he has achieved for deaf people in developing countries. Colin has vast experience and is highly skilled in communication and I have found him always very responsive during our email contact. I salute you Colin!

I have worked closely with Colin Allen for at least the past eight years. In that time I have not only experienced him as a colleague and fellow educator/trainer, but as an ally in the field of the professionalisation of sign language interpreter training. His clear sighted vision to incorporate interpreter service provision within a human rights framework for sign language users is a model for social action.

As the Honorary President of the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI), I am well aware that Colin has worked tirelessly to create strong links between the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) and its member associations, and interpreter associations world wide. He has been a lead figure in the creation of a joint WFD/WASLI accreditation process for International Sign Interpreters, worked in partnership to initiate and disseminate joint policy papers to highlight the issues faced, for example, when providing sign language interpretation is areas of disaster risk management, in remote interpreting and the provision of signing avatars, as well as promoting the developing field of deaf sign language interpreters and their specific expertise.

Colin Allen is an excellent interpreter educator;  he is familiar with many sign languages and has direct experience of diverse deaf communities and cultures in many parts of the world. Moreover, and more importantly, Colin demonstrates enormous sensitivity to the challenges faced by newcomers to the interpreting profession and in particular those from the Global South. His students respect and admire him for his knowledge, his attention to detail, his support at all times, and, not least, his warmth and humour.

I have no doubt that whoever has the opportunity to work with him will find the experience an enlightening and energising one.

I have the pleasure to know Colin Allen now for several years and benefiting both on personal but also on professional level from his rich experience with regards to several aspects of Disability Inclusion and Deaf Rights. A highlight was definitely the joint trip to rural Papua New Guinea, where Colin gave crucial guidance to orient the national programme for education of deaf students towards a rights based programme which is owned by the Deaf community. Without his vital orientation the programme would not be, where it is today, developing PNG sign language owned by the Deaf Community. Also I could witness myself, what an excellent and inspiring trainer and presenter he is.  I do look forward to our future collaboration to support inclusion of deaf and other disabled girls and boys in low and middle income countries.

We, the Lebanese Federation of the Deaf are pleased to share our thoughts about Colin, the President of the World Federation of the Deaf, regarding his impressive work and his training approach.

To elaborate, we have witnessed the proactive way in which Colin works to support Deaf people across the globe.  When we asked him to visit Lebanon to support the local Deaf community, he gladly accepted and his presentation to the Deaf audience was very clear and to the point.

Secondly, he delivered training for Board Members of the Lebanese Federation of the Deaf, which was also very clear and demonstrated his support towards us.  Colin’s main objective is to empower Deaf people to actively their goals thereby elevating their quality of life. His teaching was very clear allowing a good understanding of the main points. At the same time, he was keen to broaden our knowledge in the area of human rights—specifically the rights of Deaf people, the right to Sign Language and other related matters which was impressive.  The reason underlying such training and knowledge was to prepare and teach us how to advocate at the level of the Lebanese Government with the intention of Deaf people securing these rights.

It was a great experience witnessing Colin giving a presentation to the audience of 300 Deaf people, he was very supportive demonstrating a friendly attitude; presenting clear points with the aim of ensuring audience comprehension.  When some Deaf people didn’t understand the International Sign Language that Colin used, he then shifted to a simpler way of signing, in the form of miming, allowing the Deaf to understand his points.  The Deaf community loved this approach.

During his presentation, he encouraged Deaf people to work together and not to work in isolation, to pursue their rights and he invited the Deaf community to make a commitment which is clearly seen in the video clip.

Therefore, we, the Lebanese Federation of the Deaf, very much encourage you to invite Colin for any presentation and training because, in brief, he is amazing.

Hello, my name is Pablo Taveras, I am from the Dominican Republic and I am pleased to share my views on Colin Allen who is a very significant deaf individual. He is an amazing person who is very skilled in working with the Deaf Community. He is able to adapt his communication to meet the needs of the audience to ensure optimal understanding.

It was evident that even when participants were not familiar with Deaf Human Rights issues relevant to the local context due to lack of information, language capacity or for other reasons, Colin was adept at identifying and presenting the issues in a meaningful way to assist participants to acquire advocacy skills.  The strategies employed enhanced their confidence with the result that they were able to lobby the Government to ensure the realisation of their rights as members of the Deaf Community.

In January, 2019, Colin came to the Dominican Republic. The Deaf Community were thrilled to have him present training. He was a wonderful role model. He undertook a situational analysis to identify local issues and the development and leadership needs of the Community and the results provided the foundation for his training.  Colin’s expertise in the training setting was very evident, meeting the participants' needs, inspiring and empowering children and the Deaf Community more broadly to take responsibility and become involved with the outcome being increased leadership skills.

Colin is skilled at designing and delivering specifically targeted training programs. He has impressive linguistic skills, meaning he can present in International Sign, American Sign Language and other languages ensuring that he can be understood by a wide range of people. He is really amazing – he was very patient with participants, intently listening to the issues raised and then responding in a thoughtful way that brought the information to life ensuring that our members were able to understand.

I would very much encourage you to have Colin deliver training whether it be on Organisational Development, Human Rights or the other issues in which he specialises.  Such training will ensure that recipients acquire skills to prepare them to become skilled advocates to lobby and impact on government with the outcome being positive change in the area of rights for the Deaf Community.

Hello my name is Jabaar Mohamed and I'm from Cape Town, South Africa.

I am pleased to provide a few words about Colin…

I have had the opportunity to meet him on a number of occasions; at the WFD Congress in 2007 in Madrid, Spain; in 2011 in Durban, South Africa; in 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey and most recently when he came to Cape Town, South Africa on 23 September 2018 to celebrate the International Day of Sign Languages.

Colin is very intelligent and an expert in Human Rights and Deaf Education.

I want to wish Colin ALL THE BEST and GOOD LUCK!!!

Colin is a key leadership figure in Australia and on the international stage, tirelessly promoting the rights, identity and culture of Deaf people. As President of the World Federation of the Deaf, Colin has been a pivotal and effective advocate and champion in influencing change for people who are Deaf.

Colin’s engaging, insightful and charismatic presentation style has effectively promoted Deaf issues and inspired and motivated young and emerging Deaf leaders, government officials, decision makers, service providers and the broader Deaf sectors and communities. Colin brings an experience and wisdom through his international advocacy that pushes boundaries and challenges outdated mainstream thinking.